3 Weeks Without Cheese: A Tragedy

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a king and queen celebrated the birth of their first child- a little princess. And then suddenly one day, the princess began having tummy upsets more than usual. The queen sprung (sprang? sprung?) into action and began researching all of the possible reasons that the little princess could have been experiencing this. The most likely cause of the upset scared the queen right out of her fancy pants- cow’s milk dairy in mom’s milk.

“NooooooooooooooooooO!” She exclaimed. But the queen would do anything for her little princess. So she embarked on a journey of 3 weeks without dairy. FORTUNATELY, they discovered that this did not make much of a difference after three weeks and the queen returned to normal eating patterns.  But here are a few things she learned in the meantime:

  1. When one cannot eat cow’s milk dairy, avacado must be present at all times.
  2. Coconut milk ice cream is actually very good.
  3. Lack of dairy left the queen with a HUGE craving for sugar- interesting? (Guessing because of the lack of lactose)
  4. Goat cheese is amazing, but we’ve already established that elsewhere.

If YOU ever find yourself in this un-welcome predicament, please keep these things in mind!

The end.



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