Who moved MY cheese?

Why do you think the author of Who Moved My Cheese decided on cheese?  Why wasn’t it titled Who Moved My Bread or Who Moved My Fruit? I have to confess that I’ve never read the book, so maybe he offers a real explanation, but I like to think that it’s because cheese people are (slightly) fanatical and you don’t mess with their cheese…

Anyway, in my first blog I promised to write more about recent life changes that inspired me to FINALLY start blogging. I’ve been dying to expound on that for the last several months!

Now I can :).

The first major life change was my resignation from my full-time professional job in the nonprofit world at the end of June. This was a HUGE leap of faith on both my husband and I’s part because I didn’t have another job lined up. Due to different circumstances and much counsel, we felt that it was the right move to make and that God would bless that decision. Little did we know just how He would bless it…

Shortly after my new-found-freedom, I started to notice changes in my body (of which I will not go into great detail since I assume men may read this as well!) so I pulled out a pregnancy test from the back dungeon of our under-sink medicine cabinet supplies. Unfortunately, all I had was the test, but not the key on how to interpret the test.  But I was pretty sure that you had to get a plus sign (+) to confirm pregnancy.  Well, all I saw was a line (-) in the first window. So I assumed false alarm.

Still feeling suspicious, I visited Target the next day where I found a box of tests similar to the one I had used the day before and saw this.

I literally BURST. OUT. LAUGHING in the middle of the Target aisle and then sent a text of the picture to Adam, who was at his night class (who told me to buy another box of tests 🙂 ).

So, long story- short, EVERYTHING is about to change. I’m no longer looking for full-time work and adjusting to being at home full time. Also, pregnancy puts restrictions on what one can eat, so I am limited to venturing into just the hard cheeses for the time being, not wanting to risk any type of infection/illness for baby. For that reason, I didn’t do much cheese tasting in Europe, but I did find this amazing cheese shop in Paris— A good reason to go back some day.


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