Why Cheese?

A better question?

WHY the heck NOT?

This blog was inspired by a recent life change (more about that later!) and the very first Minnesota Cheese Festival.

My beautiful sister got married on Saturday, June 2nd and delayed leaving for her honeymoon so we could attend the first-of-its-kind Minnesota Cheese Festival on Sunday the 3rd. She had won tickets, and we are both huge cheese lovers.

My sister, the beautiful bride. She makes me laugh better than most. Photo courtesy of Barclay Horner Images: http://www.barclayhorner.com/minneapolis-wedding-photograph/

While at the Cheese Fest with my sister and my amazing husband Adam, I was totally inspired and knew exactly what I was going to create my blog about- cheese.

A little beef, if I may, one thing that I have noticed about foodie pictures is that there are very rarely PEOPLE in them (a problem in my header picture that will soon be remedied!).
Now I understand, appreciate the food for it’s own beauty.


But in my world, food is most beautiful when enjoyed with the ones you love.

SO as we travel together (literally- to Europe in 44 days!) on my cheese tasting journey, I also hope to introduce you to the people in my life that make cheese together even better than cheese alone.


4 responses

  1. Yay! I’m excited for your next post. When you talk about a new cheese, you should try to compare it to a few other cheeses so we can know whether it’s something we’ll probably like given the other cheeses the flavor is similar to. (ie: I’m still getting used to goat cheeses, but something that tastes similar to Feta I would love!)

  2. Can hardly wait to learn more about cheese, one of my favorite foods! After Europe, come west. Downtown Seattle has an amazing cheese factory…is that what you call it?….and you can watch cheese-making from the street.

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